Ex-Lagos Lawmaker Lanre Ogunyemi Writes Beautiful Love Note To Wife On 30th Wedding Anniversary; Read the message here – Het Gazelle News

My dearest wife,

Where do I start?

It’s been 30 years.

Thirty solid years of leading and nurturing this family.

Thirty years of unfailing and eternal love.

Years of care, sweet bond and affection.

Years of God’s grace and mercy.

You are a champion, an amazing friend, sister, partner, mother and soulmate all rolled into one.

Words will not adequately convey the love I feel for you deep within because of your selfishness, understanding and devotion.

You have been a wonderful wife and I couldn’t have asked for another woman of God.

Through thick and thin, you kept the family running and together, and you did so conscientiously and without any discomfort.

At every moment and moment, you made sure that no space was left uncovered.

Oluwayemisi, you are a loving and virtuous woman in every sense of the word, the type that any man would pray for.

Your love for God and your family is steadfast, deep, and unimaginable.

You would do anything to sacrifice everything for the household that you hold so dear.

You are a woman of strong heart and good courage, who has absolute faith in God.

Enduring the good times and the hard times and remaining unperturbed is what has continued to strengthen and further my determination to keep striving for greater heights.

Throughout our incredible journey, we have weathered storms together.

You are an amazing woman, my best friend and support system.

I cherish you with all my heart and lovingly confess that my love for you will never fade away.

Thank you to God for bringing us together.

I thank Him for making you my wife and carrying us through the years.

I appreciate who you are and everything you do.

I can go on and on about how special, good, spectacular and loving you are and how wonderful it is to be married to you.

Congratulations on reaching this important milestone together.

Happy wedding anniversary to us and glory to God.