The ’80s horror cult classic scarier than Dark Harvest, stream without Netflix

dark night of the scarecrow

Over the course of the rest of Dark Night of the ScarecrowOtis, Philby and Skeeter are terrorized by the scarecrow as they are slowly picked off one by one. Each death is more terrifying than the last, with the final death scene being one that carries with it a sense of justice mixed with feelings of dread.

Dark Night of the Scarecrow is unique in that it is the first full-length film in which a scarecrow is the main antagonist. Other horror entries would follow over the decades (Dark harvest (the most recent), but the rest have relied on senseless violence to sow terror rather than solid storytelling.

In fact, it’s arguable that this was the most horrifying moment ever Dark Night of the Scarecrow is not rooted in the supernatural, but is instead perpetrated by the human monsters in the film.