Mike Flanagan Will Direct ‘Radical’ New EXORCIST Film, Film Won’t Be A BELIEVER Sequel

The exorcist: believer fell far short of expectations in 2023. When The exorcist: believerThe planned sequel film lost its release date and its director in early 2024. It seemed that the reboot of the famous franchise was in trouble. But now Mike Flanagan will direct the next one Exorcist film for Blumhouse and Universal Pictures (at one point titled: The exorcist: deceiver). The new Exorcist However, the film will not be a sequel to Believer. A release notes: “The film tells an entirely new story that takes place The exorcist universe and is not a sequel to that of 2023 The exorcist: believer.” Instead, Flanagan’s film will be a “radical new take on The Exorcist.”

Flanagan has an excellent reputation for his deft, atmospheric horror, so he could be the ticket to get the franchise back on course.

Director Mike Flanagan against the murder board in Doctor Sleep.
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While three new ones Exorcist Films have been conceived in this reboot attempt, it is unknown if Flanagan will direct another film or two. Since the films will no longer function as a trilogy, the fate of the third film has yet to be determined. But if anyone can change a franchise, it’s that The Fall of the House of Usher Creator.

One thing is new for Flanagan Exorcist The film does not contain his signature monologues. Per Slash movieFlanagan recalled saying, “I don’t think this is a monologue project.” Granted, as he noted, the exorcism ritual itself (a lengthy recitation of Scripture) is a kind of monologue. But when it comes to philosophical speeches about religion, horror and death, Flanagan said, ‘I already got it out of my system.’”

Flanagan’s instead Exorcist film will “just be really scary,” but with characters that are “real, emotional and relevant.” Plus, it seems like there might not be that many Easter eggs or references to the original The exorcist movie. Slash movie notes, “the narrator explained that his film probably won’t feature as many illusions as the 1973 horror classic that started it all. After all, Blumhouse and Universal are releasing the film in theaters, and with younger audiences at the box office, they are unlikely to be impressed by allusions to a 50-year-old film.”

Image of two possessed girls with a cross carved into their foreheads, staring with yellow eyes in the release date of the exorcist believer trailer sequel delayed
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For now, there is no release date for Flanagan’s potential Exorcist movie. We’ll also have to wait and see if it continues to have a title The exorcist: deceiver.

Originally published on May 29, 2024.