Kaitlyn Bristowe and Zac Clark seen together spark more rumors

Bachelor party Kaitlyn Bristowe and Zac Clark were spotted together for the first time in a few months and it’s sparking new dating rumors. A video was taken of the two at a wedding last weekend. Are they dating? Keep reading to learn more about this spotting.

Are Kaitlyn Bristowe and Zac Clark a thing?

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Zac Clark clearly appeared to be at the wedding together as she stood in front of him in a beautiful black dress. They both looked at the dance floor and watched.

This is the first time Zac and Kaitlyn have been seen together in a while. Many thought that what these two had together might be over. The photo and video shared this weekend say otherwise.

Neither shared details about their wedding date. However, on Sunday, Kaitlyn took to Instagram to share some photos from her weekend away, and one of them was of her in the same gorgeous black dress that was outside the venue. There were also photos of her cycling and smiling, as well as looking at a text message from her dog sitter.

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Zac Clark/Credit: ABC YouTubeKaitlyn Bristowe and Zac Clark/Credit: ABC YouTube
Kaitlyn Bristowe and Zac Clark/Credit: ABC YouTube

Her photo dump was captioned: “Happy Sunday and Go Oilers”

The last time the two were seen together in public was around his birthday. They were spotted having dinner and dancing in New York. Since then, apart from a few cryptic messages, nothing has been said.

This new spotting has everyone talking again. Are they seriously dating or just casually dating?

Kaitlyn Bristowe via Insta 19Kaitlyn Bristowe via Insta 19

Her other exes

Of course, fans know that Kaitlyn Bristowe is engaged two more times. Once to Shawn Booth and then to Jason Tartick. Both are Bachelor party alums.

Jason and Kaitlyn ended their four-year relationship last year and that’s when rumors started that she was dating Zac. Many even started gossiping that she cheated on Jason with Zac.

She quickly put those rumors to rest when she responded to a fansite saying the allegations were not true.

The rumored couple tried to get their relationship off to a soft start on New Year’s Eve. However, instead of tons of praise, they received more criticism than anything.

Zac’s boyfriend Blake Moynes confirmed they were talking, but he wouldn’t admit if they were serious about each other.

What do you think of Zac and Kaitlyn’s final appearance together? Do you think they are seriously dating?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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