Libertarian candidate Rainwater wants answers on TV…

Donald Rainwater

Source: Donald Rainwater / Donald Rainwater

INDIANAPOLIS— If you have a political candidate you like, you want to hear him debate issues that affect your family. One candidate for governor says he won’t get that chance.

Republican Sen. Mike Braun and Democrat Jennifer McCormick will participate in two gubernatorial debates this fall, with one debate airing on FOX59/CBS4 and the other on WISH-TV, both in Indianapolis.

Libertarian Donald Rainwater, also on the ballot, will participate in the WISH-TV debate. However, as of this writing, Rainwater will not be part of the FOX59/CBS4 debate.

Rainwater tells WIBC’s Kendall and Casey show that this is insulting to the voters who turned out to support him in 2020 and today. “It’s clear that voters feel that what we have to say is not only valid, but preferable.”

Rainwater claims he has had no communication with FOX59/CBS4 or the Indiana Debate Commission about that debate, and that he should have the same opportunity to speak to voters and potential voters on the same stage as the top Democratic and Republican contenders. Rainwater says the 2020 debate was a problem because early voters didn’t get a chance to hear his views first, and he wants to avoid debate issues this time around.

“Apparently someone has decided that the Indiana Debate Commission and their policy of allowing all voting candidates to participate in the debates is simply not acceptable anymore,” Rainwater explains.

Rainwater tells WIBC that if Senator Braun truly believes in spirited competition, he should welcome the opportunity to debate issues live in front of a viewing audience. But Rainwater says if Braun “gets his way” behind the scenes and prevents him from debating, he questions Braun’s potential leadership skills as governor.

“As far as I know, we have received and accepted every invitation from WISH-TV,” Rainwater remains, “We have not received any invitation, nor have we received, to my knowledge, any delineation of the exact requirements or criteria for the FOX59/CBS4 debate.”

The FOX59/CBS4 debate is scheduled for October 1. The WISH-TV debate will take place on October 3.