Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s wedding is ‘hopefully soon,’ says close friend: News: Music Times

According to the Chiefs player’s hairdresser, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce could soon be walking down the aisle.

Pat Regan, Kelce’s longtime hairstylist and close friend, gave some insight into his relationship with the “Cruel Summer” singer and said he hopes a wedding will happen in the near future.

“Hopefully soon,” he said in a recent episode of the series Your day off podcast. “That would be nice.”

Regan shared his experiences with Swift, saying she is a “good friend” and a genuinely nice person.

“It’s kind of cool to see because I know her as a person and she’s just a really nice person,” he said. ‘She’s very interested in what you say. She doesn’t act like the most famous celebrity in the world; she’s a good friend to my girlfriend.’

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Swift’s presence at Chiefs games led to an increase in ratings for the NFL. Regan says he regularly sits in the box suites during the games, where Swift was often seen last season. Now that the “Karma” singer is joining the Chiefs Kingdom, he reveals that their box has been upgraded.

“It was cool going to games with her and now we get a whole special box,” he spilled. “We’re in the middle of the field, which is really cool.”

While Swift recently referenced football Department of Martyred Poets With songs like “The Alchemy” and “So High School,” Regan says she knows her stuff when it comes to the game. He says that “she’s really interested in the games” and that “she’s a football fan now, which is cool.”

Ever since Kelce and Swift started seeing each other, the relationship has gained attention from onlookers around the world. Regan reveals that the increased media attention on his friend has resulted in some more work for him, including traveling further and undergoing stricter security checks when he makes home visits.

“It doesn’t seem that crazy to me,” he said of the 34-year-old’s recent rise in popularity. “However, things have changed. He had to change home, so for me things have changed. Now I have to drive further and there is more security.”

He does say that his newfound fame has changed their friendship a bit. Although he is happy with his friend’s success, he says he doesn’t spend much time with him because he used to sleep over at his house every weekend.

“Travis is one of my brothers, so I used to go to his house every weekend,” he continued, “so things have changed a little bit now, but it’s cool to see. I’m happy for him and seeing the stardom he’s getting.”

A recent report on the A-list couple’s relationship states that while Kelce “cares deeply” about the Grammy winner, “he’s just not there yet” when it comes to marriage. But with a source as close to Kelce as Regan is, the wedding bells may be closer than expected.

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