Mariska Hargitay remembers the first meeting with Peter Hermann before the 20th wedding anniversary (exclusive)

Published: 7:08 PM PDT, Jun 4, 2024

Mariska Hargitay And Peter Hermann are getting ready to celebrate an important milestone. ET spoke with the Law and Order: special unit for victims star at the Gotham TV Awards on Tuesday, and the actress recalled her first meeting with her husband.

“My knees are getting weak,” Hargitay told ET about what she remembered most about her first meeting with Hermann, with whom she will celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary on August 28. “It’s so amazing. It’s so amazing.”

The couple tied the knot in 2004 and share three children: August, 17, Amaya, 12, and Andrew, 12. However, that’s not the only milestone Hargitay has achieved this year. The actress also turned 60 in January and is celebrating her 25th anniversary SVU.

Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann at the inaugural Gotham TV Awards held at Cipriani 25 Broadway on June 4.John Nacion/Variety via Getty Images

“It was incredible. It’s been 25 years and I haven’t been able to process it until this year. I think (because of) the milestone of it all,” Hargitay told ET about the long-running series. “I walked into my wrap party with my 17-year-old son (and) I remember saying, ‘We’re going to the wrap party of my TV show that’s been around for 25 years.’ I feel like I’m not done yet and that’s good.”

“I’m just so proud of the stories we’ve told and the lives we’ve impacted and the way we’ve moved the needle toward healing,” she added. “I am privileged, I know it and I am grateful for it.”

About her character, Olivia Benson’s legacy, Hargitay said, “Strength, vulnerability and never giving up, no matter what.”

It’s a legacy that was on full display in April, when Hargitay was filming SVU, helped a young girl who had lost her mother. An eyewitness told ET at the time, “Mariska was filming with Ice-T and was interrupted by a little girl walking into the scene. She walked straight to Mariska.”

The eyewitness added that Hargitay interrupted filming after being approached by the little girl and thankfully helped reunite her with her mother.

“It was so natural and normal. It wasn’t really an Olivia moment. It was a little girl who couldn’t find her mother and there’s nothing more important than that — nothing,” Hargitay told ET about the moment. “It was so natural and so easy and there was no real thought about it. They were instincts. They were just maternal instincts.”

It echoes what Hargitay told ET last month about the experience she noted“This little angel girl was in need and we were connecting and I could see that. So I did what any mother on the planet would do. I got to hug her mother and her, and it was beautiful.”