Holding Redlich permanently uses Lexis+ AI to improve the efficiency of legal research

National law firm Holding Redlich announces the permanent adoption and integration of Lexis+ AI, a generative AI advanced legal research technology solution from LexisNexis, into its practice. LexisNexis, a leading global provider of legal information and analytics, partnered with Holding Redlich 12 months ago to leverage the company’s expertise for advice and feedback as part of its commercial preview program.

Lexis+ AI technology provides conversational search, insightful summaries, and intelligent legal drafting and document uploading capabilities, all backed by state-of-the-art encryption and privacy technology to keep sensitive data safe. All results are supported by a verifiable, citable authority or source.

Keren Smith, Chief Knowledge Officer at Holding Redlich, is excited about the future of legal research technology.

“Lexis+’s AI capabilities, including conversational search, insightful summaries and intelligent document drafting, will not only accelerate investigative processes but also help drive efficiency and effectiveness for legal practitioners,” said Ms Smith.

“The Case Summary feature significantly speeds up our investigations, allowing attorneys to quickly identify relevant cases and avoid irrelevant cases. This alone can save significant amounts of time. Last week one of our lawyers spent four and a half hours completing a legal research task using traditional research methods. Using Lexis+ AI, he was able to replicate the same task in 30 minutes.”

In October, Holding Redlich hosted a Turing Test that showed Lexis Argument Analyser, an extractive AI feature, could outperform human capabilities in suggesting relevant case law to strengthen legal submissions. The company’s 2023 Tech-a-Thon sessions provided valuable insights into the possibilities and potential of AI-driven legal research.

“However, to get the most out of Lexis+ AI or any other generative AI legal research tool, you still need to be a legal professional. When used correctly, these tools will free up lawyers to focus on other important tasks, such as building their client base.

“It’s an excellent starting point, but lawyers should still read cases and apply the same standard of due diligence, such as checking the accuracy of footnotes and citations, as they would in traditional legal research.”

Lexis+ AI is built on the robust foundations of Anthropic’s Claude 2 and OpenAI’s GPT-4 and trained on LexisNexis’ extensive repository of 1.23 million judicial opinions, statutes, case files, and secondary materials. It is designed to automatically generate various legal documents. The platform also ensures that human supervision remains integral, requiring users to review and adjust the AI-generated concepts.

Greg Dickason, Managing Director at LexisNexis Asia Pacific, said: “We are pleased to offer this transformative technology to our Australian customers. The Lexis+ AI solution is a proven unique tool for lawyers and will dramatically improve the speed, quality and effectiveness of their practice and business, regardless of where and how they practice law.

“Lexis+ AI protects against the two biggest risks of applying generative AI in the legal sector: breaching client confidentiality and producing legal documents that refer to non-existent laws or case law. Clues are coded and the model does not learn from them. They are also removed so that IP is protected,” he said.

Lexis+ AI also reduces the risk of generating court hearings that contain hallucinatory precedents. After generating a court document, Lexis+ AI validates citations against the entire database of primary and analytical content.

Based on one of the largest repositories of accurate and exclusive legal content, Lexis+ AI combines generative AI with proprietary LexisNexis search technology and authoritative content. It is expected to save Australian lawyers an average of 11 hours per week in research, drafting, client communications and case summarizing activity.

“We support the research and development of generative AI across the industry,” said Keren. “LexisNexis is a major content provider, so their roadmap will be closely monitored and will form the basis for our own innovation program so that we can continue to provide tailor-made legal solutions for our clients. As one of the first major law firms to adopt Lexis+ AI, we are pleased with the legal research efficiencies the tool brings.”

“We expect Lexis+ AI to deliver even greater benefits and support our commitment to innovation and excellence in legal services.”

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