Lady makes $4,983 on an app where men reportedly pay to chat with women

A beautiful woman has started a conversation by making $4,983 through a unique app. This app allows men to pay in dollars to chat with women.

The woman shared a post online with her face and a caption explaining the situation. In the post, she disclosed the amounts she had withdrawn to her bank account through the app.

Moreover, she shared her chat list, where several guys were waiting to talk to her.

Finally, she showed her app balance, which totaled $4,983. This revelation caught the attention of social media users, who immediately shared their thoughts in the comments section.

See some comments:

Antidote_πŸ’ŠπŸ§Έ: “I tried and talked to guys for days but my coins are still the same, how do you do it.”

Sovita: β€œI want to get paid by talking to people.”

Galzberrylama: β€œCan a man also meet Money on this.”