‘ANC doesn’t have to work with anyone’

Political analyst Moeletsi Mbeki says the African National Congress (ANC) “doesn’t actually need to work with anyone” to form a government after its poor performance in the 2024 general election.

After thirty years of an ANC-led government, the ANC has lost its majority in parliament, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Northern Cape.

The election results, announced on Sunday, were the worst for the ANC – Africa’s oldest liberation movement, once led by Nelson Mandela – since it came to power and ended white minority rule.

Watch Moeletsi Mbeki talk about the ANC not needing anyone

The ANC doesn’t need anyone

It will now have to make a deal with other parties to form a coalition government for the first time, but is that necessary? Not according to Mbeki, who is also the brother of former president Thabo Mbeki.

“We must realize that the ANC does not actually have to cooperate with anyone, as long as it can get its president elected to parliament. The opposition in parliament is not united, so some of them will vote for an ANC candidate, others will abstain, some will vote with the ANC.

“It does not follow that the ANC must have a coalition. It can get a president elected without having to enter into a formal coalition with either party. It is a large party and has 40% of the votes. The nearest competitor is well below 21%, namely the DA,” says Mbeki.

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Excitement about nothing and ‘childishness’ among opposition parties

Mbeki said there is “excitement about nothing.”

“The reality is that the ANC can have its president elected and the president can then form the cabinet.”

Mbeki said there is a lot of “childishness” among opposition parties vying for positions in a coalition government.

“The challenge is the future of the country. It is not the future of who is the Minister of Finance or who is the Minister of the Interior. It is about the well-being of the people of South Africa. That is what, in my opinion, the political parties should focus on: how can they promote the well-being of the people of South Africa.”

ANC-DA coalition: “Good for society”

Political analyst Ebrahim Fakir said this The citizen the “safest” option is to opt for a government of national unity.

“You have to distribute things proportionately to different parties. It’s about: who do you bring in? MK is the third largest party. If you want a government of national unity and you want to be absolutely principled, then it is only fair that they get at least one portfolio, whether you like it or not.”

Fakir says the ANC-DA coalition is only good for society, but each political party will think of its own interests.

“The ANC-DA coalition is good for society, but it is not good for any of the parties themselves because the ANC base will be ‘no’, the animosity is so deep when you get involved with these guys. DA people who might do the same.

“Number two, the way these parties have worked together before, who’s to say they won’t be the obstructionists or make demands on each other that are unrealistic, or undermine each other in power so that they can show each other when they come? the next elections,” Fakir said.

ANC-EFF coalition: what’s the point?

Fakir said a coalition between the ANC and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) could also spell disaster.

“What is the point if you go the ANC-EFF or ANC-MK route? You are bringing together parties that have enormous animosities and disagreements. They just broke up with each other. If you bring them together, they will be stable for another three years and then their interests will diverge and you will encounter the same kind of cannibalization.”

Fakir said that black parties had the opportunity to set a black agenda, but they have not been able to achieve this in the past thirty years.

Spitting on graves of battle heroes

Meanwhile, ANC veteran Lindiwe Sisulu has called on black political parties to unite under a ‘black pact flag’ to move the country forward.

The National Executive Committee (NEC) member said a coalition between the ANC and the Democratic Alliance (DA) would spit on the graves of fallen struggle heroes.

Sisulu said a coalition between the ANC and the DA will be a betrayal of those who voted strictly for the ANC, adding that it may not help the “healing process of this beautiful nation”.

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