Facilitron introduces AI functions for operational efficiency

Facilitron, a leading comprehensive and data-driven facilities management platform and marketplace for public space rentals, has announced the launch of new AI capabilities designed to enhance multiple functions of its automated maintenance management system (CMMS), Facilitron Works™. These AI features are unique to the Facilitron platform and set industry standards for future AI implementation. They will optimize operations and increase productivity and efficiency for users, including more than 10,000 schools nationwide.

Facilitron Works™ has introduced a duplicate detection feature that uses AI to quickly identify work orders reporting the same issue. The feature flags suspicious work orders for review, allowing users to confirm a work order or designate it as a duplicate. Eliminating duplicate work orders saves administrators and facility management staff valuable time and reduces the frustration of processing duplicates.

Using AI, Facilitron has also implemented a predictive text feature that gives users suggestions as they type, looking at past history to predict current user intent. Predictive text can reduce manual errors and increase work efficiency.

In addition, Facilitron has successfully implemented AI-powered tools to enhance the features of the Facility Scheduling and Reservations System, Facilitron S&R™, including developer fee verifications and insurance certificates. More efficient management of these documents has streamlined the verification process and eliminated backlogs that often delay facility maintenance and rental opportunities.

“We are excited to harness the power of AI and pioneer the ways it can transform a variety of facilities management functions,” says CEO of Facilitron Jeff Benjamin. “Our proprietary built-in AI tools convert cumbersome pen and paper processes into digital formats in many applications, reducing man-hours and eliminating errors. In addition, AI provides valuable data analysis that will help us continue to develop best practices for our partners.”

Facilitron has embraced AI technologies and is excited to continue developing AI-specific resources to enhance its platform. For example, AI solutions, soon to be integrated into Facilitron Works™, will innovate facilities preventive maintenance programs by helping campus facility managers identify routine equipment maintenance needs that can prevent future equipment failures and breakages. These AI-generated preventive maintenance profiles are especially useful in school environments and are customized based on the customer’s work orders and asset history. This provides important information that allows users to make more informed and budget-driven decisions, ultimately creating more efficient, cost-effective and safer campuses.

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