What was the relationship between Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston like?

Kevin Costner Claimed “Imaginary Bodyguard” Duties for Whitney Houston During Filming for ‘The Bodyguard’!

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author
(l-r) Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner in 2008
Source: Getty Images

Nowadays, many classic and old actors are not afraid to be candid on the Internet. At worst, they are exposed to a number of noticeable violations that could turn them into PR poison overnight. But on the other hand, they can just reveal some fun behind-the-scenes facts about our favorite shows and movies in modern formats. Podcasts have become a popular platform among actors to spread some gossip or share their honest opinions on the latest topics, for better or worse.

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Even older actors like Kevin Costner are getting in on the audio action! The award-winning actor has been in the business since 1978 and is known for his roles in films like Dancing with wolves in 1990 and, more recently, his starring role in Yellowstonewhich premiered in 2018.

Having been in TV and movies for decades, he has plenty of stories to tell about the industry. Interestingly enough, he even opened up about his working relationship with Whitney Houston while they were filming a movie together.

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Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston’s relationship explained.

In a June 2024 episode of Armchair expert, a podcast hosted by actors Dax Shepard and Monica Padman, they joined Kevin Costner to talk about his long and storied acting history. He had a lot to say about his various experiences in Hollywood, but people were most interested in the kind of relationship he had with the late American music megastar Whitney Houston.

Kevin and Whitney played together in 1992 The bodyguardwhich follows a former US Secret Service agent who takes on bodyguard duties for a famous singer while protecting her from a stalker.

In the podcast, Kevin admitted that he personally selected her – as the film’s producer – for the role. However, he also revealed that the film’s director, Mick Jackson, was “uncomfortable with her” for some reason.

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“I loved her,” Kevin admitted. ‘It’s not such a huge mystery. So I knew she would be the one.”

He would go on to reveal that he fought for her to be in the film and even supported her during filming when Mick Jackson expressed his negativity towards her.

“There was a moment where she trusted me and when I looked at her I saw that the director was afraid of her.”

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Ultimately, Kevin made the decision to support her and provide his own direction when the actual director didn’t make the effort.

“I started mentoring her,” Kevin revealed. ‘I didn’t try to take over my director, but I promised I would herand not with him.”

Although the film ultimately received a lukewarm critical response upon release, the songs featured were Whitney Houston The bodyguard were both nominated for Academy Awards later that year.

As for Kevin and Whitney, they seemed to have a strong working relationship during filming.

“I don’t know what it was, but we had a moment,” Kevin said on the podcast. “I realized that the world had a higher idea of ​​who we were, so I basically embraced that. I was her imaginary bodyguard.”