‘Defector MLAs should quit and seek new mandate’

June 6, 2024 | 06:44 IST

Cong ups the ante: ‘Defector MLAs should quit and seek new mandate’

Suppose defector BJP MLAs have been rejected in the Lok Sabha polls; they must now test their mandate
Cong ups the ante: 'Defector MLAs should quit and seek new mandate'

Team Herald

PANJIM: With the Lok Sabha election results in the State for South Goa seat going in favor of the Congress despite the eight Congress MLAs, who almost two years ago transferred their allegiance to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and campaigned have campaigned for the BJP candidate, the Congress leadership has now demanded the resignation of these ‘turncoat’ MLAs.

The Congress party faced heavy defections in the last two Assembly polls with the high command deciding not to take back and track down the defectors in the future. But Tuesday’s results are a signal to the eight defectors that switching parties in the name of development has not gone down well with voters, who may have felt that the defection of their MLAs was aimed at luring individual gains.

The MLAs of Nuvem, Calangute and Santa Cruz, all defectors, could not give the BJP candidate an edge.

Margao and Mormugao MLAs gave embarrassingly thin directions to BJP’s Pallavi Dempo.

GPCC general secretary Everson Vales said: “If defectors had a conscience, they should have resigned and sought a new mandate. Because they have no conscience, people have educated them and indicated what awaits them in the 2027 elections.”

Allwyn Telles, additional chief of Congress Seva Dal, said: “Of course they should have resigned and stood for re-election. It is a great shame for a turncoat MLA who has taken all priests for granted. What development have they done? They didn’t do anything”

Sant Andre Block Congress president Manoj Palkar said, “If defectors resign and seek re-election, they can prove their point. People did not vote for them to join the BJP. They were elected because they were fighting for congressional tickets. Let them prove that they were not chosen because of Congress, but because of their personal abilities.”

John Nazareth, chairman of the Santa Cruz Block Congress, said: “It clearly shows that people have not accepted apostasy. The defectors have literally not done any work in their constituencies.”

“The development they are talking about has not happened in their constituencies. People have shown them that they joined the BJP out of self-interest. This is why people voted for Congress again. They should resign and seek a new mandate. Moreover, the Speaker must dispose of the petitions quickly,” Nazareth said.