Volunteers begin a large mural project in San Jose, near San Pedro Square

SAN JOSE, California.More than 1,200 volunteers are working on San Jose’s newest public artwork this week. It’s called ‘Threads Woven’ and it’s a huge mural near San Pedro Square.
Organizers hope this will bring the community together, not just this week, but in the future.

There are hundreds of volunteers scheduled every day, and they have a lot of work ahead of them.
The mural will cover more than 12,000 square meters.

The artist, Jimmy Paints, said the inspiration was a serape blanket and the diversity of San Jose.

But while he designed it, it’s up to the volunteers to carry out his vision. The hope is that they will feel invested in the public art they helped create.

The project was organized by the San Jose Downtown Association, Adobe and Local Color as a way to activate and make the downtown area more vibrant.

Earlier this year, San Jose officials decided to keep this section of San Pedro Street closed to traffic, and local businesses are hoping this mural will be a big draw.

“I think the hope with any public work of art is to strengthen the connection between people and the place. And so when we create a piece like this, we can get people to come out and connect with this place and connect with each other come.” really unique and interesting ways,” says Erin Salazar of Local Color.

“We don’t just give art to the community. We make art in the community, with the community,” said Alex Stettinski, CEO of the San Jose Downtown Association.

Volunteers work every day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. They expect the mural to be completed by Friday.