Sheriff – NBC 6 South Florida

Video shows a car crashing into the lobby of a Florida prison driven by a man who authorities say was naked from the waist down and threatening to kill officers.

The incident happened late Monday night in the lobby of the Martin County Jail when 40-year-old Joseph Leedy drove his car through the entrance, the sheriff’s office said.

Surveillance video released by the sheriff’s office shows the Toyota sedan crashing into the front doors.

Leedy got out of the car wearing a woman’s shirt and no pants, then poured motor oil on the floor and said he wanted to set it on fire, authorities said.

He also made “homicidal statements” about police officers, said he wanted to “kill everyone” and threw rubber hoses on the ground, authorities said.

“While our officers were talking to him, he kept saying things like, ‘The devil told me to kill everyone.’ And he continued to share his disdain for President Donald Trump,” Deputy Chief John Budensiek said at a news conference on Tuesday, according to WPTV.

Leedy struggled with deputies and firefighters before he was tasered. He was eventually restrained and taken to a hospital.

Budensiek said paramedics gave Leedy “multiple doses of ketamine” to calm him down, but it “did not sedate him.”

He was later booked into jail on charges of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and criminal mischief.

Officials said no one was in the lobby at the time of the crash, but the incident caused thousands of dollars in damage.

Budensiek said authorities believe Leedy was under the influence of a controlled substance, but they are awaiting blood test results.

“The drugs that would sedate a normal person had no effect on him at all. So that leads us to believe that he has built up a tolerance to different types of drugs,” Budensiek said.