Environmentally friendly neighbor card has saved 162 trees

ANTALYA (IGFA) – Environmentally Friendly Neighbor Card, a project of the Muratpaşa Municipality that contributes to the economy and protects nature by ensuring lossless recycling of glass, paper, plastic and metal waste, saved 162 trees from felling in May.

The project, which has been ongoing since April 2016, has increased the number of trees saved from felling to 171,854. The project has also reduced CO2 emissions by 684,574 kilograms to date, while saving trees from felling. that are cut down have provided oxygen to 42 million 963 thousand 416 people.


In the project, the waste that is separated at the source, i.e. in the houses, is purchased for a certain price by the Environmentally Friendly Neighborhood Map teams. With the Environmentally Friendly Neighborhood Card, 8 million 23 thousand kilograms of waste were collected in 689 years. In exchange for the collected waste, 10 million 846 thousand liras were loaded onto cards. Thanks to the cash card function, the Eco-Friendly Neighbors Card can be used for shopping and online payments throughout Turkey, while the accrued balance can also be withdrawn in cash at all ATMs.

While the number of homes using the Environmentally Friendly Neighborhood Card in the district is 17 thousand 155, over time vegetable oil waste, electronic waste and textile waste are also included in the project. The Eco-Friendly Neighborhood Map created a resource that has never existed before for the housing economy, protected nature with the trees it saved from logging and created economic value by ensuring lossless recycling of qualified waste.