Groom Raises Eyebrows Over Bizarre Outfit Choice: ‘Is He a Prisoner?’

A groom has raised eyebrows over a bizarre outfit choice at his own wedding.

A photo of the bride and groom standing at the altar made the rounds on social media before being reshared on the Facebook group “That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming.”

The bride was traditionally dressed in a white wedding dress with lace details, while the groom opted for a casual look.

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The man wore a matching two-piece beige set, consisting of a short-sleeved shirt and baggy cargo pants that some suggest could be mistaken for a prison outfit.

He completed his look with a pair of white and blue sneakers.

The post received more than 500 “likes” and more than 80 comments – many of which were in disbelief at the groom’s questionable outfit.

The groom's bizarre outfit raised many questions.
The groom’s bizarre outfit raised many questions. Credit: Facebook

“No disrespect intended at all, but is he a prisoner? I wonder how those types of weddings work, I’m just asking because of the location and outfit on him,” someone asked.

The bride responded quickly, but seemed unimpressed by the woman’s curiosity.

“Haha no, he’s not a prisoner lol,” the bride replied with a laugh as she explained how her new husband had purchased the “Snoop Dogg outfit” from the rapper’s clothing line at Walmart.

“We used the cheapest (outfit) possible and he liked it… until he got dressed (for the wedding) and then he said, ‘Oh s***’.”

Many saw the funny side of the bride’s reaction to her groom’s wedding attire.

“Apparently not offended when asked if he was in a prison outfit,” one said with a laugh.

“Oh, because my thoughts rightly went straight to a ‘prison wedding,’” said a second.

Another added: “At least the bride responded kindly because we know how that usually goes…”

One suggested: “No disrespect to Snoop Dogg, but when I think of wedding outfits I don’t think of him.”

However, not everyone seemed to find the outfit funny.

“Why would you even wear a Snoop Dogg outfit?” said one.

“I don’t know what’s worse: your fiancé showing up at your wedding as a thug or as a Snoop Dogg cosplayer?” added another.

One suggested: “I hate that this is real. I need a reason why this was the groom’s choice, but I know there isn’t one. To his credit, the bride said he regretted it.

Another revealed: “If my fiance shows up to our wedding dressed like this I’m leaving.”

Meanwhile, some have examined the bride’s wedding dress.

“The groom is perhaps the best dressed of this bunch. Wedding dress looks so dirty. Literally everyone seems guilty of fashion murder in the first or second degree,” one person joked.

Another said with a laugh: “This whole thing is a mess.”

While another commented: “There’s so much going on here. However, the bride seems so sweet in her response about the Snoop Dogg outfit and (clarifying that it) is not prison attire. And the wedding registrar’s shoes? There’s just so much to look at.”

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