DATEC organizes a technology forum with partners

DATEC PNG, one of the country’s leading innovative technology solutions organizations, hosted an informative forum with key technology partner Lenovo and customers from across the country at the Holiday Inn hotel yesterday.

As leading technology providers, the forum ultimately aimed to talk to DATEC’s customers who are investing in Lenovo technology and also about the updates of the new products.

Lenovo has been DATEC’s main supplier in PNG over the years, supplying its products to retail customers.
With the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Lenovo company has incorporated AI into its products ranging from laptops, phones and other technology products.

DATEC Director Sales, Technology Solutions, Mr. Albert Kasoson, while highlighting Lenovo’s current updates, he mentioned the addition of AI in the latest products sold by his company.

” Lenovo is one of the vendors leading the way in artificial intelligence. It’s built into a lot of the things we do now. So people who bought technology from Lenovo through DATEC already have artificial intelligence capabilities.”

According to Mr. Kasoson, DATEC is responsible for guiding customers of Lenovo products in installing and using AI in their technologies.

Lenovo Sales Executive in PNG Aravind Majaraj reiterated the lasting impact of AI on Lenovo’s users around the world and also spoke about his company’s broader ties with AI companies.

“What we have done is collaborate with more than 40 AI companies worldwide. We manufacture hardware and they do AI installations to complete the machines so they are ready for the market”

Information technology personnel from a number of government departments, companies and other organizations across the country attended the forum intently to stay abreast of Lenovo’s new technological expertise.
Brian Lakani, an IT staffer from CPL, praised Lenovo’s product for being easy to use and largely made in the PNG context.

He added that Lenovo laptops have a long lifespan and considering the ongoing power outage in the country, we can work in that situation.