Boxing Champ Reveals Why Women Try MMA While Top Pound-for-Pound Men Boxers Hesitate: “Have an Ego”

The top female pound-for-pound boxers leave their male counterparts far behind when it comes to transitioning into the sport of MMA. ESPN’s #7 ranked pound-for-pound boxer, Savanah Marshall, is currently set to make her PFL debut on May 8. The 33-year-old Hartlepool resident also appeared on the latest episode of ‘The MMA Hour’, where she opened up about why the top male pound-for-pound boxers aren’t interested in making the transition to MMA like their female counterparts.

Marshall’s fans have every reason to be excited as their beloved star’s MMA debut is just days away. Boxing fans may also remember how former WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury said he would never step out “in a cage”, during one of his encounters with UFC icon, Israel Adesanya. The boxing community has also yet to hear any of the current top pound-for-pound boxers mention a transition to MMA, such as Marshall and Serrano.

The ‘Silent Assassin’ gave her opinion on why there was such a difference between male and female boxers in this regard. Marshall counted the “ego” among male boxers as the main point behind their negligence in transitioning to MMA, saying:

In MMA you can’t have an ego. That’s what I’ve learned, especially since coming out of boxing. If you’ve never been into BJJ, if you’ve never rolled before, you’ll become humbled very quickly. I think women deal with this much easier than most men.”

Fans may have different opinions on Marshall’s take on the subject, but a deeper dive into the subject will reveal that there are other reasons behind the problem than the ones the 33-year-old counted.

Savannah Marshall ignored the fact that top male boxers make more than what they would make in MMA

The current top male pound-for-pound boxer, Oleksandr Usyk,’s earnings from his last fight are approximately $45 million. At the same time, reports say that the UFC has provided Brock Lesnar with $8 million for his UFC 200 fight, which is the highest UFC payout for a single fight.

While giving her take on the situation, Marshall completely ignored the fact that male boxers amass far more wealth in boxing than in the sport of MMA. Clearly, virtually no one would choose to take the hard path if they are already doing well in an easier area.

However, boxing fans would love to see female boxers like Amanda Serrano and Marshall take over the cage after the ring. Therefore, the support Marshall will receive in her PFL debut on June 8 is expected to be huge.