World Environment Day: Anambra State Government launches house-house tree planting to combat erosion

As part of its activities to commemorate this year’s World Environment Day 2024, the Anambra State Government is marking the day by launching the planting of house-house trees to curb the erosion menace in the state.

Grav. (Dr) Felix Odimegwu, State Commissioner for Environment, disclosed this in a statement in Awka on Thursday.

According to Odimegwu, environmental problems, especially erosion, pose a significant threat in Anambra State: 160 out of 179 communities have been affected by erosion, the state government, led by Governor Soludo since 2022, has taken decisive action and more than 2 million Malaysians have hybrid coconut and oil palm seedlings are distributed and planted annually in the 21 local government areas.

“The ‘One House, Two Trees’ campaign requires each land developer/house builder to dedicate 35% of their land to green areas, including gardens and tree cover.

In addition, trees are given as birthday souvenirs to encourage personal commitment to caring for the environment. Initiatives such as the reforestation of Unizik Forest Reserve, Enugwu Ukwu erosion site, Ekwueme Square and Anambra State House of Assembly area aim to remove toxins from the soil, increase soil fertility, purify the air and improve the stability of the ecosystem.

“To mark this year’s World Environment Day, Anambra State is launching Anambra Tree Planting Day on June 10. Two trees per house/building will be planted at key locations.

“Recently, the Federal Government planted 3,000 oil palms on 5 hectares of erosion-prone sites in Nibo community in Awka South Local Government Area.

“Ways to celebrate World Environment Day include getting involved in local environmental initiatives, participating in clean-up campaigns or attending educational seminars. Working with like-minded individuals to raise awareness of environmental issues and implement sustainable solutions is also encouraged.

“As Mahatma Gandhi said, “The earth provides enough to meet the needs of every human being, but not the greed of every human being.” On World Environment Day 2024 and beyond, let us embrace sustainability, stewardship and harmony with nature. The well-being of our planet depends on it.

Umunne m Ndi Anambra, let us plant a tree today to protect and restore our land, the Commissioner urged.