Cricket World Cup reaches US, but sport will be a long time coming T20 World Cup 2024 IND vs IRE | Cricket news

The complete mismatch between India and Ireland, which was completed within 29 of the allotted 40 overs, was not an ideal commentary for the sport to go global.

Indian fans cheer during the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup cricket match against Ireland at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in Westbury, New York, Wednesday, June 5, 2024. (Image: PTI)

New York: A World Cup alone may not be enough to grow and establish cricket iN the United States. It will have to be a lot of Indians, or Americans of Indian descent, Asians and Indians to develop a significant interest in the sport among the local population over a period of time.

Not much could be gleaned from the roughly 17,500 ticketed spectators at India’s World Cup opener at the Nassau International Cricket Stadium, which was built within three months for the New York matches. The complete mismatch between India and Ireland has ended on the inside 29 of the 40 overs allocated were not ideal commentary for the sport to go global.

Indian fans numbered more than 97%, if not more, of the crowded east and west stands. There were a few Irish sports fans and a negligible number of locals. The premium ticket blocks in South and North, including the hospitality boxes, wore an almost deserted look, with some blue Team India merchandise jerseys breaking the monotony by the alleys of gray chairs.

although Four days later, it will be a different scenario when India plays Pakistan at the same venue. That match is called the “Super Bowl” for cricket to explain the importance and hype surrounding the battle between two archenemies.

The craze for the gamee could be measured from the fact that some of those who failed to get the India-Pakistan match ticket through drawing of lots are ready to part with several thousand dollars even for access to the general stands. There are no tickets available and hotels within a five-mile radius of the stadium are sold out on Saturdays and Sundays, with rooms being more expensive.

Back to the India-Ireland match, the public address system in the stadiums remained busy informing fans about almost everything related to cricket – from explaining the power plays to how fans should behave during and before the match.

Fans left disappointed after a dull affair in New York

There was advice not to walk over the viewing screens or stand on top of them. There were announcements about staying away from the line of the ball as it crosses the playing field and not touching it.

The match for the fans, who loved and understood cricket, turned out to be an insipid contest as Ireland batted first. After the first few wickets, Team India is supportingers cheered in joy every time an Irish player hits a boundary, he celebrates the fact that the bigger the Irish total is, the more he can see Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant, Suryakumar Yadav and other Indian players hitting.

a number from Tteam India fans have traveled from states as far away as Boston, Tennessee and Maryland. Groups of people have driven in from New Jersey, more than 100 miles or 170 kilometers. India won, but they did not find the value of their money, time and effort.

If India’s 97-run target alone wasn’t enough to dampen the mood, Virat Kohli took just five deliveries for one run. The game’s greatest ambassador left organizers, broadcasters and fans disappointed. Kohli is not just about running, Kohli is entertainment, Kohli is business. Even the locals understood this.

Many groups and families in Indian sweaters had 18 and Kohli printed on the back of their shirts. Despite Kohli coming out, there was no love lost. As thousands of fans left the stadium on their way home, chants of Kohli echoed Kohli across the horizon of the Nassau County area.

The security staff, catering staff and volunteers on duty were impressed by the atmosphere, despite knowing little about the match, the match and the outcome. They have started enjoying the atmosphere that Indian fans create, but before they can enjoy the sport, there is still a long way to go.