Stop sending sexy videos to his DM

A Nigerian lady has gone online to drag women who make advances on her husband, warning her to desist from such acts if she discovers their plans.

In a video she made with her husband, the woman revealed that ladies, including married women, have been sending inappropriate videos of themselves to his DMs.

She expressed shock that they would stoop so low to advertise themselves in such a way as many of them have insulted her husband and called him unprintable names in her comment section.

She says the women are so desperate that someone living abroad has offered to take her husband abroad to have his teeth repaired.

She warned that if they do not stop sending unsolicited content, she will expose them by reposting their videos on social media for all to see.

Watch video:

kruize_4u responded; Just have data, you will never be sad for this country 😂

martinezchizzy; show them the teeth, the man open teeth

dorcas_beauty_world; I don’t want to let your husband live alone, I’m going to call the police and have them arrest me

vince_emeka; Sensi video and Soja Media people, make sure you stay clear from her man o😂😂😂