Pune: Work for Katraj Kondhwa to speed up road construction, PMC claims

However, now that amount will be received immediately and road widening work and land acquisition will be accelerated. The road has already been inspected by the road department officials of PMC.

“The Katraj-Kondhwa Road has been under construction for some time now as sufficient land has not been acquired. Even now, the situation continues but we are making consistent efforts to secure plots. We are looking at FSI (Floor Space Index), TDR (Transfer of Development Rights) and financial transactions to get enough land to proceed with the project. There are two grid separators in the context of this project. The separator at Shatrunjaya Mandir Chowk is 80% complete while the other at Khadim Chowk is 15% complete,” said Sahebrao Dandge, Superintendent of Road Department.

The length of the flyover coming from Katraj Chowk will be increased and taken to Gokulnagar Chowk. However, this length has been met with denial by the National Highways Department. The land in front of Rajas Society Chowk has not been acquired, making it impossible to land the flyover there. Efforts are being made to take over land with minimal impact on traffic conditions.

This project includes four bridges, an underpass and two grid dividers, along with a zebra crossing. The separators are expected to be ready within a month. Inspections near Mauli Chowk underpass will be done in a manner that will not affect traffic planning. The completion of the project is important for smooth traffic flow in South Pune. Heavy traffic congestion on the Katraj-Kondhwa road has led to the road expansion project to decongest traffic.