Love Island fans say Munveer is ‘playing with Patsy’ and find out ‘real reason’ why he’s still talking to her

LOVE Island fans are convinced Munveer Jabbal is ‘playing’ with Patsy Field after discovering the ‘real reason’ he’s still talking to her.

Munveer, 30, and Patsy, 29, had a heart-to-heart on last night’s show, with the office administrator opening up about her disability.

Love Island fans are convinced Munveer Jabbal is ‘playing’ with Patsy FieldCredit: ITV

The islander got emotional as she revealed her Erb’s palsy diagnosis during Thursday’s show.

But ITV2 viewers were left unconvinced of the hiring manager’s intentions when they took to X, formerly Twitter.

One fumed: “I don’t even think Munveer likes patsy? It’s just that no one else pays attention to him.”

Someone else asked, “What’s with Munveer and getting to know each other with Patsy?”

A third replied: “I feel like he’s just trying to stay longer.”

Pasty’s condition means one of her arms is shorter than the other and also has less function.

Viewers on Love Island watched as Munveer, who works with Mimii Ngulube, took the office worker for a chat as she brought it up.

She told him, “There’s one important thing I wanted to bring up. I haven’t actually talked to anyone about it yet.”

As Munveer said he was “all ears,” Patsy explained, “I actually have a disability. I haven’t said anything to anyone yet because it’s hard to bring it up.

“It’s a handicap in my arm. I have no strength, I can’t lift anything above shoulder height.”

She added: “Sometimes you think, I don’t know, if you have something different you don’t know if everyone will find it sexy at all. But being different is cool.”

Munveer was supportive and replied, “Absolutely. I really appreciate you sharing that with me.”

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Commenting on the scenes, a fan said, “I really hope Munveer and Patsy are a couple because they will look cute together, I can see it.”

A second wrote: “Let’s see more of Munveer and Patsy please give them their screen time.”

“You just know Patsy likes Munveer,” said a third.

While a fourth said: “Patsy and Munveer could be my favorite couple.”

They’ve discovered the ‘real reason’ he’s still talking to herCredit: ITV
Munveer is linked to Mimii NgulubeCredit: Eroteme