If a tree falls in your yard and there’s no man around to clear it… –

The high winds that knocked a very large branch off a tree in Christan Barker’s yard in east Weyburn on Wednesday worried her, especially because if the wind had broken off it would have destroyed her inflatable hot tub, her garage or her pets.

She said she looked out her bedroom window when she saw a baby bird lying on the floor while its mother was feeding it.

“I was afraid my one dog was going to kill him because that’s what she does, so I took the dogs outside and walked them outside instead of just letting them out, and then I came back around the deck and noticed my tree was hanging really low and hitting the roof of the garage and right by our hot tub,” she shared. “So I started to panic because my husband isn’t there. He is currently on a business trip to Ontario.”

“I was on the phone, I tried to call my regular tree guy and he was busy but he was supposed to get here after lunch. But with every gust of wind that came up it was cracking more and more and I was like, ‘oh no, I’m going to lose something!’ So I messaged my aunt to see if my uncle was available, but he wasn’t because he was a farmer.”

Her Aunt Judy said she would come over right away to see if she could help, but the two decided the tree branch would be too heavy to carry.

“So then I posted on Facebook in the meantime, and my friend Joyce, who lives around the corner from me, said, ‘I have some heavy pruning shears and I have a chainsaw that I can take with me.’ over’, and I thought, ‘well, maybe because it cracked more and more with every gust of wind’.”

Barker said she worried about her dogs getting hit when they went outside, and the possibility of her garage or her inflatable hot tub getting hit.

“So (Joyce) came over, my aunt was here and we broke it down together. Joyce cut off some of the main branches first, and once we got to that one main branch I helped hold it down and she was cut a little the big one off and my aunt dragged all the pieces along the side of the garden.”

“It just made me feel good that three women could achieve this!”

She added that their garden is usually well sheltered from the wind, with sheds in the neighbour’s garden.

“We are in a really blocked area. We never get damaged. So I was really shocked,” she noted. “But I think all the flowers on the tree put even more strain on it, and it just had a weak spot and cracked. We’ve never really had wind in this direction before, so we’ve never lost shingles or anything. The branch was right on the roof of the garage and hit my gutters and everything.”

Although Barker’s power also decreased, she admitted her biggest concern was the hot tub, but girl strength and a little determination saved that and her property from further damage.