It is more difficult for women to find a good man than for men to find a good woman -Buchi

Solomon Buchi, a well-known life coach from Nigeria, expressed his belief that women face greater challenges in finding good men than men face in finding good women.

He shared his thoughts on relationships through a post on his Facebook page.

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Solomon Buchi, a Nigerian life coach and writer, recently revealed why he stepped back from active participation in the feminist community.

He said on Twitter that there is no benefit to being a male supporter of feminism.

This came after he responded to a man defending women during an online debate about advocating for boys.

May 16 marked the International Day of the Boy Child, sparking discussions on social media about the lack of recognition for boys compared to girls.

Daddy Shindara criticized this, calling it a victim mentality and wondering why men didn’t take the initiative to celebrate boys themselves.

He tweeted; “This victim mentality that we criticize women for cannot be otherwise. Women celebrate themselves, who asked you not to celebrate yourself?

Solomon quoted his post and revealed that as a former feminist, he is certain that such advocacy does not benefit men.

In his words; ‘I used to be a male feminist, just like you. It doesn’t pay.”