! Murcia today – Restoration and improvement work underway at the Aguilas Railway Museum

Publication date: 06/06/2024

Work is underway to restore, restore and improve the collections of the Águilas Railway Museum

Restoration and improvement works are being carried out at the Aguilas Railway Museum
You cannot tell the history of Águilas without the railways. Trains and their tracks were integral to the growth of the city’s economy in the 19th and early 20th centuries, as they were used to transport valuable mineral deposits from the mines of Granada and Almería to the coast, where they were loaded onto British ships ready for export.

The fascinating story of how the railways connected Águilas to Britain and the world is told in the Railway Museum, which is currently being refurbished and restored.

The Águilas Railway Museum has been closed for over a year now, while intensive and crucial restoration work takes place to ensure that the facilities and exhibits are well preserved.

This week, Águilas’ Councilor for Culture, José Antonio Consentino, accompanied by the regional deputy Juan Andrés Torres and other members of the municipal corporation, visited the facilities that house the Railway Museum to supervise the restoration work of the pieces that will be housed therein on display.

It is the first floor of the city’s train station where this museum is located, and it was transferred into public ownership following an agreement between the Municipal Council of Águilas and the Association of Friends of the Railway, which previously managed the museum.

Once reopened, the museum will display pieces related to the railway, which are currently being restored by local professional Miguel Ángel Gallardo.

“After cataloging the pieces, which will be exhibited and grouped by family, we are now starting the restoration of the most damaged pieces,” Gallardo explains.

This rehabilitation and improvement work is entirely financed with municipal resources from the treasury of the Águilas Municipal Council, in order to preserve the history of the city while extracting value from these historical pieces and educating people about their important role for the history of the municipality.

The museum space has already been adapted to accommodate this museum through a grant of 40,000 euros from the General Directorate of Tourist Competitiveness, to which another 7,000 euros were added by the Municipality of Águilas.

The main part of the work consisted of improving the accessibility of this space by installing a lift to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility, installing air conditioning and restoring the original wooden ceiling.

In addition, when the museum reopens, it will have information panels in Spanish and English to communicate the importance of the history of the railways in Águilas to museum visitors of different nationalities.

Image: Ayuntamiento de Águilas