Lady shares video of boy’s room where students come in to charge phones after he buys a generator

  • A Nigerian lady has shared a hilarious video after visiting the house of a fellow student staying in her hostel
  • According to her, the young man she visited is the only person who has a working generator in the hostel
  • A funny video showed many phones and gadgets plugged into various sockets in his bedroom

A Nigerian student who owns a working generator has become the ‘savior’ of his fellow students at school.

It was found that the young man is the only person who owns a generator in his entire hostel.

Lady shares the state of the dorm after getting a generator
Student robbed of privacy after being given generator at hostel Photo credit: @myde_queen/TikTok.
Source: TikTok

Video shows many phones connected

A lady identified as @myde_queen21 visited his room to charge her phone and she was shocked to see how many phones were plugged into different sockets and extensions.

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According to her, the man no longer enjoys privacy in his own home, because students from all neighborhoods always visit to charge their phones.

“POV: Only one man has gene in your hostel. The boy gets no more privacy,” she captioned the video.

Comments track the state of the generator owner’s room

Nigerians stormed the comments section to react to the hilarious video.

@Fabulous said:

“He can get you guys a working outlet outside his room, no one should feel comfortable with this.”

@Kush Ola responded:

“Until a girl’s phone got stolen among all the other phones in my room, the girl arrested me the next day.”

@Bigmarvel06 said:

“Omo the last person to come and carry her phone is sleeping peacefully in that room.”

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@DIPSON responded:

“Let them confess to me, thank God I don’t buy big Gen and other stuff. Go hear it.’

@Thomie Olowo said:

“This reminds me of my 200 level/300 level days when I was in a hostel with bad lighting. My room is a common area.”

@That Chelsea guy said:

“It happens to me too. If they start stealing my charger, I put an extension outside for everyone so no one comes in anymore.”

@lovie wrote:

“Lol after him no socket for una for outside I can never be Kilode una too much in the room itself they go gba.”

@Wahab responded:

“I always use solar power. I usually leave one out. The stress of opening the door is the most annoying part. They only stay away when my baby is around.”

@MARVY responded:

‘The worst part is you can’t even shout at them, but they’re dying for that in there. On my own I just cracked a hole for the through wire in the wall so they can be plugged in there.”

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@6stars|wholesale benin said:

“No, and once you plug the phone into a room, you never let it go. That annoys me inside.’

Watch the video below:

Man regrets creating charging space for neighbors

In the meantime, previously reported that a Nigerian man talked about how the good deed he did for his neighbors ultimately made him look like a criminal.

According to him, a fashion designer took her machines with high electricity consumption and connected them to them.