Man confesses to having an affair with a married woman and prays he doesn’t get caught

A man from Nigeria confessed to having a relationship with a married woman at her home in the hope of not being caught in the future.

The man recognized the risks associated with his actions, realizing that they could have serious consequences.

Nevertheless, he prayed that he would not be discovered by the woman’s husband or anyone else.

In the event he is caught, the man requested that people not physically harm him and instead hand him over to the police.

He posted a video of himself in the woman’s home, with a messy bed as evidence of their activities.

Check out the comments that followed…

mzz_vikky’ opined: “Every day is for the thief, one day is for the owner, enjoy it while it lasts”

ada_luxury_couture bad: “I hope the man is active online and recognizes his bed.”

veevogee commented: “The way I sleep at night knowing none of my family members have me d!sgr@ce for social media eeh…..Baba God you do this o🙌🙌”

thriftwearbybellz said: “there are very few men who are good in this country”

estherwhytebassey said: “How can you even allow a man with these kind of lips and teeth to lie with you😭”

chinonso_anusionwu commented: “Believe social media at your own risk, this could be his home and bed 🤣”

amyxious_bubz wrote: “See person husband, brother and father. Shame shame shame 😔”

Watch the video below: