“It’s about depression”: Tim Burton never saw Batman as a superhero trying to save the day which makes replicating his film impossible today

Tim Burton’s portrayal of Batman remains perhaps one of the most eccentric yet authentic versions of the Caped Crusader. For the Gothic filmmaker, the orphaned superhero did not symbolize the heroic savior who comes to Gotham’s aid, as is the typical version of the character.

Tim Burton’s Batman (1989) (Credit: Warner Bros.)

Perhaps it is this painfully realistic and raw take on the character that sets Burton’s creation apart from the many other Batman films, making it virtually impossible to recreate his historical vision.

Tim Burton’s darkly authentic perspective on Batman (1989)

When news of Michael Keaton’s casting broke, comic book fans approached the 1989 classic with nothing but outrage (via Vulture). But all their bitter cries died away when they saw Tim Burton’s brooding version of the Dark Knight, who in all his pathos-filled glory captured the essence of Batman.

What Burton, 65, envisioned…