Tesla Cybertruck owner tries to resell his truck for $77,000, causing sour reactions

Tesla Cybertruck listed for sale for $77,000
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Photo: David S. via Autotrader

Tesla hoped to make the Cybertruck the best-selling electric pickup truck in North America. Even if it succeeds, the electric pickup truck market may not be big enough to justify the money invested in the Cybertruck. The electric pickup used to make a lot of money for flippers, but now prices are falling and some owners are even trying to sell them at a loss.

Tesla must have misjudged the interest in electric pickups, especially since the EV The market has cooled down significantly in the past year. This caused major headaches for Tesla, which saw its market shrink at a time when costs were at an all-time high due to massive investments in AI computing power. Ford and Rivian have already seen their pickup trucks lose traction, and GM will likely see the same once production of Chevy Silverado EVs ramps up. However, many thought Tesla was protected thanks to the Cybertruck’s enormous popularity.

Initially, the Tesla Cybertruck attracted a lot of interest from celebrities and influencers, making it the first ever ambitious pickup truck. For a brief period, anyone was willing to sell an arm and a leg to be seen in a Cybertruck, which led to people renting them by the hour at insanely high rates. Buying a Cybertruck on the gray market became a new business, with prices topping $250,000. However, the hype didn’t last long.

As production increased, new owners discovered that the build quality was among the worst they had ever seen. Cybertruck owners had to endure a lot, from software and build quality issues to component failures. Less demand and more supply ultimately caused resale prices to plummet, with many Cybertrucks listed below $140,000 on car sales platforms in May.

In June, things have gone even lower, with prices now starting at $113,000 AWD models, almost as low as Tesla’s new price. It’s clear that the flippers have left the building and the people in the market are just trying to get rid of their trucks. A quick search on CarGurus shows 232 Cybertrucks for sale, 100 more than in May when we last checked.

However, a new listing on Autotrader caught our attention thanks to its price of just $77,000. The 2024 Tesla Cybertruck AWD appears to be even cheaper than the non-Foundation Series Cybertruck, which should start at $79,000 if Tesla allows it. People who have seen the ad are divided between those who call it fake and those who are convinced they have witnessed a market collapse.

According to the advertisement, it is a Cybertruck with only 30 kilometers on the odometer, sold by a private seller (David S.) from Miami, Florida. Unless he made a mistake in setting the price, this is the lowest we’ve seen for a Cybertruck. It could also be a way to get more viewers, although I’d be pissed if I called him as a customer and found out the price was higher. Like I said, there are plenty of Cybertrucks now that cost just over $100,000, there’s plenty of fish in the water.