buddi is a new streaming service for people who love pets

buddi is a new streaming service that “creates and curates family-friendly content by people with pets, for people with pets.” The streaming service is available now and a subscription costs $7.99 per month.

In addition to the standard monthly subscription, buddi also offers an annual subscription option of $79.99 per year, which averages out to about $6.67 per month. Regardless of whether they sign up monthly or annually, all new subscribers receive a seven-day free trial, making it possible to try the service before paying.

Since this is an ad-free streaming service, all subscribers can stream the entire Buddi catalog without ads. Speaking of the catalogue, buddi offers access to a selection of films, shows, documentaries and live channels. This is in addition to a variety of educational content that helps pet parents learn more about health, nutrition, care, travel and more.

Like most people who use streaming services, I spent more time scrolling through titles than watching anything” says Layla Kasha, co-founder of Buddi. “We love animals and wanted to create a service for people like us: people who want to watch educational and entertaining content about dogs, cats and other companion animals that is fun for people of all ages. That’s why we came up with the idea of ​​buddi to bring together all the animal-related content we could find in one place.”

Since this is a new streaming service, device support seems somewhat limited at the moment. For example, Buddi can be accessed primarily through the website, on Android TV and Apple TV devices, and on Android mobile, iPhone and iPad.