Hollyoaks’ Beau and Kitty want to cover up Declan’s death in tense scenes

Beau Ramsey and Kitty Draper cover up Declan Hawthorne’s death Hollyoaks in the aftermath of Kitty’s terrifying kidnapping.

The religious fanatic and his friend Carter Shepherd both left the show after their plan to create a conversion therapy surgery failed.

After Declan kidnaps his daughter Kitty and takes her to their family cabin while trying to force her to renounce her trans identity, Beau discovers her location to rescue her, causing Kitty to reveal the truth about who she was.

She dropped the bomb that she assumed the identity of the real Kitty Draper while trying to escape her father. She and the ‘real Kitty’ had been involved in a car accident that claimed the life of her companion, and Kitty began hiding from her father under the name.

Kitty and Declan in Hollyoaks

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In a scuffle between Declan, Kitty and Beau, Beau hit Declan on the head with a scrapbook leading to his death, with he and Kitty now covering up the fatal incident.

In the coming scenes, Kitty tries to assure Beau that he can speak at Hunter McQueen’s funeral, but he is haunted by causing Declan’s death.

Beau lashes out at Vicky Grant at school, causing Sally St. Claire to send him home with Kitty. Along the way they encounter Cindy Cunningham and Lexi Roscoe, with Beau asking Kitty how she can act so normally while he struggles with his guilt.

Kitty admits she is going to confess to killing Declan, but Beau begs her to reconsider. He continues to struggle to keep it together and when Kitty doesn’t meet him, he goes to the police station.

Beau and Kitty in Hollyoaks

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Luckily for him, Kitty has changed her mind about confessing to the murder and he promises that he will work with her to make it work.

Paul continues to try to track down Carter’s associates and tells Sally he is going to the cabin, causing Kitty and John Paul McQueen to panic.

Kitty tells Beau that they need to go to the cottage to move Declan’s body, but will they get there in time?

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