‘There’s Always More Than One’: Seeing People Come to Jesus at Union Gospel Mission

Union Gospel Mission opens its doors to seven ministries in Winnipeg every day with the goal of sharing the message of salvation while bringing glory to God. One way is through the Family Life Center on Pritchard Avenue.

For Cassie Pearson, the past ten years have been a dream come true. “What I really like is that I can work and serve the Lord at the same time. So whatever that looks like. It’s not always kid’s work, but being able to serve the Lord is the best part.”

Getting to see God at work in the lives of young children is the icing on the cake for Pearson. “It’s encouraging, we see a lot of brokenness and pain in the lives of the children we work with, they’re all here in the North End. There are times when you see the Lord working in their lives in small ways and it gives you that little bit of hope that they are doing well and that the Lord is with them too.”

Over the past decade, Pearson has seen God work not only in the lives of the child, but everyone who comes in and sees the beginning of their relationship with Jesus has been an honor. “We see a lot of people coming to the Lord, especially through our ladies programs and the ministry work that’s going on. Also the camp ministry. Kids get to know the Lord every year through summer Bible camps through the sponsorship program. That’s the best part of the work, being told about someone else who has received salvation.”

While she says it’s rewarding to see others come to know Jesus, “It’s worth it for one person, but there’s always more than one.”