Smyrna School District Holds Referendum Today – First State Update

The Smyrna School District is preparing for a second vote on a proposed referendum to raise taxes. This follows the rejection in March of the district’s original request for a tax increase intended to fund school expansion and operating costs, including pay raises for teachers.

The Capital Referendum was defeated in the March vote, with 55% of voters voting against it. The money from this referendum was intended for the construction of a new primary school, upgrading a middle school to a high school and expanding another primary school. In a second question, 57% of voters said no.

Based on an average estimated market value of $200,000, the Capital Referendum would have cost residents an additional $35.80 per year in FY 2025 and the Operating Referendum would have added $242.98 per year to the tax bill.

Voters are expected to return to the polls on Thursday, June 6, 2024 for the district’s second attempt to gain approval for the tax increase. This vote comes after the Smyrna City Council passed a 100% increase in local property taxes, and residents also began receiving reassessment notices from Kent County.