Hunger Games fans ‘sat down’ after quickly getting their wish for a new prequel film

No time was wasted after fans clamored for an official movie announcement, as Suzanne Collins’ new Hunger Games prequel book, Sunrise of the Reaping, was greenlit on the big screen.

After the success of both the book The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes and its film adaptation, many wondered whether Collin would write another prequel. On June 6, it was finally confirmed that the next book would be another prequel, Sunrise of the Reaping, and would hit stores in 2025.

Fans were thrilled with the news, especially after learning the plot details, and speculated that Haymitch would become the 50th annual winner of the Hunger Games. But what about the movie?

Hours after the book’s announcement, Deadline reported that Sunrise of the Reaping will hit theaters on November 20, 2026. It also confirmed that Francis Lawrence was in talks to return as director, with Nina Jacobson as producer.

With the double whammy of Hunger Games news in one day, fans are blown away and are already anticipating securing their seats.

‘I sit. the theater staff are scared and ask me to leave because ‘the movie doesn’t exist yet’ but I’m just sitting around too much,” said one fan on X/Twitter.

Fans are just too excited, with one commenting: “I’ll be waiting in theaters tomorrow, I know it says 2026 but I’m afraid I’ll be waiting outside theaters tomorrow until it comes out or until I get diagnosed…”

Amid the jumps of joy, fans were also stunned by how quickly the film was announced. “Girl, didn’t they just announce the book? Oh you guys aren’t playing,” said one fan.

Sunrise of the Reaping takes place 40 years after the events of the first prequel starring Lucy Gray. Currently, Haymitch is 16 years old and has been selected as one of the boys who will represent District 12 during the second quarter period.

For now, fans are looking forward to who will be cast as Haymitch. The character is beloved by fans as he was played by Woody Harrelson in the original films.

Sunrise of the Reaping will be released in 2026. Here’s where to stream the original movies and new movies to watch this month.