You can get a free iPhone 15 right now without trade-in. Here you can read how

Want to get Apple’s iPhone 15 for free? Well, you can do that through Verizon!

Currently, Verizon is offering an $829 discount for the iPhone 15 with 128GB of storage, bringing the price of the phone down to exactly $0.

And the best part is, no trade-in is required. Trade-in offers seem glamorous, but are often disappointing when you get to the checkout, enter your phone’s details, and see that you’re only getting $200 off instead of the “up to $1,000” offer you attracted.

While you don’t have to trade in your existing phone for this sweet iPhone 15 deal, there’s still a little catch. To get your hands on an iPhone 15 for free through Verizon, you’ll need to set up a new line, pay a one-time $35 activation fee and choose the Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate plan.

Verizon’s Unlimited Plus plan costs just $45 per line for four lines or $80 for a single line. Then the Unlimited Ultimate Plan costs a little more: $55/line for four lines or $100 for a single line. You can see the differences between Verizon’s Unlimited plans here.

This deal is a no-brainer for anyone looking to switch phone providers. Or, if you’re not in love with your phone carrier and are looking for a cheap way to get your hands on the iPhone 15, nothing is cheaper than free!

Verizon is also currently offering the iPhone 15 Pro for just $5 per month, or the iPhone 15 Pro Max for just $10 per month if you prefer Apple’s more expensive phones.

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