Zoo: Green cover keeps zoo 10 degrees cooler in oppressive heat | Lucknow News

Lucknow: Unlike other parts of the city where the temperature felt 43 to 46 degrees Celsius, the recorded atmospheric temperature at the zoo hovered between 32 and 41 degrees on Tuesday. Thanks to the dense cover of more than 5,000 trees including Parijat, mango, sandalwood and gulmohar. The variation in temperatures in the zoo and other parts of the city is an example of the difference trees make. The Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Park authorities have installed 15 thermometers to measure the temperature in different parts of the zoo. The measurements were taken at 4.30 pm, with the owl house found to be the coolest place in the zoo with a mercury reading at 32 degrees Celsius and the highest at 41 degrees Celsius in an enclosure of a rescued tiger Chhedilal. Zoo director Aditi Sharma said the main reason for the low temperature near the owl house was the green cover and the location of a nearby boating lake. “Although the presence of a body of water near the enclosure helped keep the area cool, another reason was that the owl house does not receive direct sunlight. The coolers and exhausts also help keep a check on the mercury level,” Sharma said. She added that the area near Chhedilal’s enclosure was quite open and had a less dense canopy, which could be a possible reason in recording an elevated temperature. in the snake house (Block – C) and (Block – A) it turned out to be 33.2 degrees Celsius and 36.2 degrees Celsius respectively.

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