A scene from “The Office” was too funny for Steve Carell

The office has gone down in history as one of the most hilarious sitcoms on television, and at times it was too funny to even film.

Former castmates Phyllis Smith, Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer reunited for their film Office ladies podcast this week and chatted about their favorite memories of the show, which led Phyllis, who played the character of the same name, to recall a scene from her wedding episode.

“The one scene where I had a really hard time not laughing was… when (Steve Carell) came into the bride’s room to give me advice, and we couldn’t understand the word ‘sharp,'” she laughed .

Steve Carell played iconic boss Michael Scott, and he entered her dressing room to give marriage advice. When he sat down, he smelled something foul and asked, “Did you break the wind?” The bride denied the accusation and he said: “Wow, that’s… that’s sharp.”

Despite Steve’s many years in comedy, he simply couldn’t get through his line.

“Every time he said ‘sharp’ he burst into a cackle,” she continued. “He couldn’t get through and I couldn’t get through. And then we hear the people sitting outside the door laughing, so they had to move them down the stairs because every time we said ‘sharp’ we lost it.”

Steve Carell’s joke “It wasn’t supposed to stay in the script”

In a 2020 episode of Office ladiesdirector Ken Whittingham said the joke “wasn’t supposed to stay in the script” but was “just alive”.

“It just stayed there and we just shot it,” he said. “And Michael, you know, Steve was so good. He couldn’t stop laughing. And I mean, he could not stop laughing. I’ve never seen him break like this. And we were all just laughing. It took us about an hour to get through it because we couldn’t stop laughing.”

In the more recent episode, Phyllis admitted that she was having an extremely difficult time keeping a straight face, and had to keep it together by holding her breath.

“So if I looked a little blue in that scene, that’s why,” she noted.

The featured image of this story is by Kevin Winter/Getty Images.