Parents of Malaysian couple killed in car crash hold wedding of deceased children

Grieving parents of a Malaysian couple want to continue the unfulfilled plan of their deceased children

PARENTS OF MALAYSIAN COUPLE – Yang Jingshan and Li’s parents marry their deceased children who died while planning to get married.

Countless people believe that nothing compares to the pain of burying your own children. It is an acceptable reality that in most cases or if age is the basis, the parents should go first then the children, but this usually does not happen and the parents are left with a broken heart always longing for the presence of their children .

Parents of a Malaysian couple with children

Last month, a Malaysian couple died, leaving their parents in deep grief. Yang Jingshan and Li, who had been together for three (3) years, died in a car accident.

Based on an article on South Morning China Post citing information from China Press, the car the couple was riding in overturned. They were driving in Perak, in northwest Malaysia, when the accident happened.

Wedding Malaysian couple
Photo: SY Funeral

Neither Yang Jingshan nor Li survived the car accident. Yang is a 31-year-old international referee for the Malaysia Dragon and Lion Dance Sports Association, while Li is a 32-year-old employee of a food processing factory in Malaysia.

Citing details from the Malay-Chinese-language newspaper, Yang had a plan to propose to Li in Thailand in June. They were supposed to celebrate his birthday in Bangkok and he planned to propose to her, but the accident canceled that.

The parents of the Malaysian couple want them to stay together even in the afterlife. They held a wedding for the deceased couple to continue the couple’s unfulfilled plan. They took wedding photos for the couple.

Marrying dead people was part of Chinese tradition, but it has already been banned by the government, although based on the article it still exists in the remote areas. Chinese individuals performed it when a couple died before their engagement or after their engagement. There were also cases when parents looked for a match with their deceased child in the belief that they will not be alone in the afterlife.

Before the wedding of the deceased, the bodies of the deceased are exhumed and buried together in a new grave. This now-banned Chinese tradition also existed in other East Asian countries such as North Korea and Japan.