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Igor Stimac addresses a press conference
Igor Stimac addresses a press conference (Source: AIFF)

Press conferences are generally routine events. We can hardly get any real heads out of it as most players or coaches want to be politically correct. Not this Friday, June 21. From what Revsportz has heard, it could be a stormy affair on Friday at 2pm, with former head coach Igor Stimac set to address the press and give a point-by-point report against the AIFF. happened last year.

Outgoing coach Stimac will also address the controversial issue of his employment contract, how and why the termination clause was abolished, and by whom. Sources close to the coach confirm that he is prepared to go down, but not alone. He is clear that he alone cannot be scapegoated and blamed. Rather, it is a matter of collective failure, with the AIFF (All India Football Federation) being an equal party in all decision-making. Stimac has made all preparations to fight the legal battle unless the AIFF has paid its dues within a week. If this becomes legal, it could be a lengthy battle in court.

While Stimac has words of praise for the Indian players and fans and is grateful to them, he is clear that if Indian football is to progress, the management (AIFF) must improve with immediate effect. This press conference, scheduled for Friday 2:00 PM (IST), could be a volatile one. It could very well contribute to the ongoing atmosphere of negativity and mistrust that surrounds the sport.

Moreover, the press conference comes at a time when a ‘post’ has been doing the rounds for the past few days stating that there is no title sponsor for the ISL. I have received this ‘message’ from at least 15 people. While it is a sad reflection on the state of Indian football, it is a timely reminder to take action now. While we note that the Afghanistan cricket team is all set to take on India in the ICC T20 World Cup in Barbados tonight, it has an Indian sponsor. So the football mess at home is even worse if the sponsors are not on board. Even the US team that played South Africa in Antigua on Wednesday night is sponsored by Amul. And yet India’s premier football competition has no sponsor.

Igor Stimac (Photo: AIFF)

Is this about a lack of interest in the sport? Or is it a collective failure that Indian football has not been marketed properly? In the absence of a title sponsor, the shine is robbed. And that’s where we need to do better. For example, companies that have invested in American cricket should be approached and asked to invest in Indian football.

One thing is certain: Indian football has a serious emotional connection. Stimac’s somewhat emotional tweet went viral on Wednesday. It is proof that the Indian football community is not small. And that makes me wonder why we can’t market the sport better. Why are Indian companies not coming forward to sponsor a tournament as relevant as the ISL?

Is it because issues like the firing of Igor Stimac have created enormous negativity around the sport? Is it the inability to reach the third round of the FIFA World Cup qualifiers? Knowing that not much can happen in the next four years, will the companies invest in Olympic sports instead of Indian football? The truth is that there are no definitive answers to all these questions.

What we do have answers to is what is going on between the AIFF and the sacked coach Stimac. Right now we are in a legal battle, with neither side willing to back down. While Stimac fired a salvo on Tuesday and threatened to take the AIFF to court, AIFF sources say the President and the EC are very capable of handling a potential legal situation and are ready for it.

They also say that these legal issues were discussed before the termination notice was sent. So it is not that the AIFF has been overwhelmed. However, former football players are not convinced. They believe that the AIFF has acted hastily and has found itself in an awkward situation. “They should have asked for a report and called Stimac for a dialogue. You don’t fire your head coach like this. You sit on the other side of the table and find a way forward,” said one former star on condition of anonymity.

However, neither player is willing to step up to the plate. Yes, all eyes are now on the Stimac press conference. Will the former head coach provide evidence that could turn off some in the AIFF senior management, or will it be a devious joke? Be that as it may, it could have a major impact on Indian football in the future.