I will give ‘liar’ Ablakwa my house and hotel in Trassaco in Akosombo if his tax evasion claims are true

Minister of Food and Agriculture, Bryan Acheampong Minister of Food and Agriculture, Bryan Acheampong

The owner of the Rock City Hotel, Bryan Acheampong, has emphatically stated that his famous luxury hotel is not incurring any losses as the NDC Member of Parliament for North Tongu claims.

Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, the NDC MP for Northern Tongu, and Sammy Gyamfi, his party’s national communications director, had suggested that the Kwahu-based hotel does not make a profit, according to a document they claim to have intercepted.

However, Mr Bryan Acheampong, who is the Minister of Food and Agriculture, told Media General journalist Nana Yaa Brefo that the allegations are untrue after describing the duo as “liars”.

He challenged Mr Ablakwa, who claimed to have a document supporting his claims, to make it public.

“Rock City is not making losses. No one can say that Rock City is making losses. I saw Okudzeto and Sammy Gyamfi in the studio making noise. Okudzeto, dressed in a smock, exaggerated that Rock City is making losses and that he has intercepted documents from the GRA .”

“He has not intercepted any document. Everything he says is lies. There is nothing truthful about what Okudzeto has said on this matter. First of all, Rock City has informed me, and I have checked with the GRA, that they do not have done.” have even already filed their 2023 taxes.

“So they haven’t applied yet. Rock City hasn’t even gone to the GRA yet; they plan to apply at the end of the month. So where did he get the document? What he’s saying is made up and a lie.

“Rock City hasn’t even filed its 2023 taxes. They must be paid by the end of June. So where did he get that? Today I challenge him,” said Mr Bryan Acheampong.

He added that he owns a house in Trassaco, which he bought in 2014 and is not using, and a hotel in his constituency, the Akosombo Intercontinental Hotel, which he will donate to the NDC MP if all his allegations are true appear to be.

“He must prove it, and I will donate it to him or another orphanage of his choice,” he challenged Okudzeto Ablakwa.