Kate Middleton receives tribute at Duke of Westminster’s wedding

Kate Middleton becomes a source of inspiration for Duke of Westminster

Via Webdesk
June 7, 2024

Kate Middleton’s marriage to Prince William has become a source of clever ideas for Hugh Grosvenor’s upcoming wedding.

Preparations are in turbo mode at Chester Cathedral as the Duke of Westminster makes arrangements to tie the knot with the beautiful Olivia Henson on Friday.

According to Hello magazineVans were seen arriving at the location with numerous supplies such as decorations and cutlery.

Flowers were of course not left behind.

Among the roses that will be on display on June 7 are some beautiful hand-picked roses that will reportedly be placed on either side of the altar.

An array of white flowers will be placed in a traditional arch formation outside the cathedral, which guests will walk through as they arrive.

Other selected bunches include baby’s breath and lavender.

In addition, a bunch of large trees were also brought into the cathedral.

This is reminiscent of the time when Kate Middleton tied the knot with soulmate Prince William in 2011.

Hugh Grosvenor has a close relationship with the Prince of Wales, who will play the role of usher on the big day.