Google’s Find My Device is gearing up for UWB, AR and enhanced security

Google appears to be working on an exciting upgrade for its Find My Device app, as evidenced by a deep dive into the code. Tips in the app suggest the integration of ultra-wideband technology (UWB) and augmented reality (AR), which could revolutionize the way users find lost items.

The discovery of references to UWB and AR in the Find My Device app was made by AssembleDebug and Android Authority while analyzing the code in the latest version of the app. These references included lines of code that mentioned “precision finding” with UWB and “libraries” that support the technology. While specific details remain limited, the findings indicate a significant upgrade to the app’s functionality.

One of the most intriguing possibilities is the integration of AR with UWB. This allows users to use their smartphone’s camera to locate lost items, with AR overlays providing precise directions to guide them to their missing devices. This would be a major advance over the current system, which relies on estimated location data and audio alerts.

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Interestingly, this potential feature appears to draw inspiration from Samsung’s existing AR-based UI for its Galaxy SmartTag 2. But unlike Samsung’s implementation, which requires a Galaxy phone with UWB support, Google’s approach seems to be more inclusive, potentially allowing a broader audience to be engaged. range of devices to take advantage of this technology.

The AR and UWB integration is still in development, so it’s unlikely to be released anytime soon. However, in addition to AR and UWB, the Find My Device app will also see other improvements, including improved user security and a “Remote Lock” feature. These additions are expected to further strengthen the app’s position as an essential tool for Android users.

While the exact details of these updates have yet to be confirmed, the findings provide a compelling picture of what’s in store for the Find My Device app. With these potential upgrades, finding a lost phone or device could become a much more seamless and intuitive experience.