Review: The Smurf Village Party

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The Smurf Village Party expands the Smurfs gaming franchise. I’ve covered The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf And Smurfs 2 – The Prisoner of the Green Stone and enjoyed every moment. However, this latest endeavor focuses on a mix of genres. Accordingly, this could muddy the waters and dilute the experience. Still, I had faith that the developer would do a good job.

This adventure title was developed by Balio Studio and published by Microids. Moreover, it has many mini-games to entertain and captivate the audience. The adventure portion is a solo experience that explores a 3D perspective in the open world. The multiplayer action, on the other hand, can be played by 1 to 4 players in an arena with a fixed screen.

The Smurf Village Party treads on old ground.

Cheerful and moralistic stories are at the heart of every Smurf plot. Consequently, this latest romp in the world of blue people is treading old ground. Although this is not original, it doesn’t matter! The Smurfy language, simple tasks and mountains of collectibles make it a simple but fun title.

Doll Smurf has organized a village party. This huge event is filled with music, food and games. He then asks for the help of every available Smurf. Your job is to explore the great kingdom and help each Smurf complete their work. Unfortunately, Gargamel hates festivals and fun and will try to stop you at any cost.

Clear ideas.

As an adventure title, The Smurf Village Party rarely breaks the mold. Essentially you’re asked to gather resources, find collectibles, and help every Smurf you see. In addition, there are treasures to discover, costumes to make and mini-games and races to participate in.

The minigames are relatively simple and have Mario party mood. Plus, there’s a good mix of sports, memory and skills activities to test you. During adventure mode, these games are played against the computer. However, once you complete the adventure, you can play party mode. Alternatively, you can try out any activity against your friends on one TV screen.

The Smurf Village Party isn’t perfect.

While I enjoyed the basic exploration, fun minigames, and simple quests, it was a bit of a mess visually. The textures are all over the place and the camera is unfortunately woeful. Moreover, some assets are solid and others can be diverted. This variable quality was not expected as it left an unpolished finish.

The minigames all looked fantastic though. The perspective on the fixed screen was great, and I loved the sharp graphics and interesting settings. Accordingly, it feels like the developers focused on the minigames and the adventure element suffered as a result.

The audio is also a mixed bag. The music was fun, upbeat and energetic. The result was a satisfying soundtrack that added a jovial layer to the game. Plus, the sound effects are silly and enjoyable to listen to. Still, the repetition was like a dentist’s drill going off in my head! The soulless one lines are annoying, loud and annoying. If I hear the words “A Smurf in a Smurf’s shoe” one more time, or the marching Smurf quote, I think I’m going to scream!

Janky checks.

During the minigames the control system is exceptional. The responsive inputs are well considered and each task is well explained. Next, the minigames are suitable for gamers of all ages. Disappointingly, however, the adventurous element is again lacking. You’ll clip the scenery, bump into walls and struggle to complete tasks. The camera system has more influence on the controls than it should. Unfortunately, it’s not varied enough and I had trouble navigating the vast world. If this were improved, The Smurf Village Party would benefit from.

The adventure option is filled with collectibles, tasks, and other layers of fun. However, its simplicity creates a feeling of boredom. Unfortunately, like Assassin’s Creed from Ubisofttoo much of a good thing can become overwhelming. If this had been reduced and the difficulty increased, the gameplay would have been better balanced.

The Smurf Village Party is a Jekyll and Hyde game.

There are so many reasons to play and enjoy The Smurf Village Party. The multiplayer action is great, especially if you have kids. Moreover, the open world is colorful and interesting. Plus, if you like simple tasks and collectibles, then this will float your boat. However, adventure mode feels like an afterthought and is rough around the edges. Despite these shortcomings, I enjoyed it and I recommend buying it here! Can you fulfill Pop Smurf’s wishes? Help the Smurfs, avoid Gargamel and enjoy the festivities.