Samsung’s Live Translate will soon support third-party apps

Samsung just announced that Live Translate, part of its Galaxy AI suite, will be compatible with third-party apps. So you can enjoy this handy AI-powered feature straight from some of your favorite messaging apps. It even supports voice translation function.

Galaxy AI was released with the Galaxy S24 series and includes multiple AI features, but not all of them are compatible with third-party apps. For example, the Summary feature is compatible with Samsung’s voice recorder app. The Live Translate voice calling feature is compatible with Samsung’s Dialer app. However, the company has expanded compatibility with Live Translate, including real-time voice translation.

The “Live Translate” Galaxy AI feature will be compatible with third-party apps

Being able to use Live Translate in third-party messaging apps makes the communication experience much more convenient. It is a big problem not only for normal users but also for the professional segment. It will make it easier for you to stay in touch with foreign friends or business partners, removing language barriers. All thanks to the power of AI.

For now, Samsung has not shared more specific details about supported apps. It would be good news if messaging apps as popular as WhatsApp or Telegram were included on the list. According to the company, users’ privacy is an important aspect for them. Live Translate is proof of this, as all processing takes place on the device, without resorting to the cloud. Samsung wants people to always have control over the data they share.

Samsung also generated hype around Galaxy AI with its upcoming foldable flagships. According to the company, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 will receive a specially modified version of the suite. So, the company may add some new features that are not available on the current compatible Galaxy devices.

Finally, Samsung wants its Galaxy AI suite to be bigger and more functional. The company promises to continue investing to bring advanced features powered by artificial intelligence to more and more Galaxy products.