Trai: Trai seems to be working on new range of mobile numbers | Delhi News

New Delhi: As connectivity continues to expand following the rollout of 5G and other services such as machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and internet of things (IoT), telecom regulator Trai is looking to provide additional numbers while clearing the current backlog, to factor in the growth of the sector. Trai has come up with a consultation paper on the issue after it was asked by the telecom ministry to figure out new number ranges in view of the superlative growth in the telecom sector. “In recent years, the availability of numbering resources is facing challenges due to the significant expansion of services and the significant increase in the number of connections, both in the fixed and mobile segments. With a current total of 1199.3 million telephone subscribers and a teledensity of 85.7% as of the end of March 2024, there is a need to carefully examine the use of numbering resources and implement sensible policy decisions to ensure an adequate reservoir for the sustainable growth of telecommunications services. Trai said in the consultation document ‘Revision of National Numbering Plan’. Trai said that as the Indian telecommunications landscape undergoes a metamorphosis, driven by advanced network architectures and the convergence of technologies such as M2M communications, IoT and 5G, the role of numbering resources becomes even more important. Trai also said that DoT is facing demand from telecom operators, government departments and non-governmental organizations for new numbers.

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