Al Horford family tree: meet father Tito, sister Anna and more about the Celtic great man’s roots

Al Horford has been a model of consistency since entering the NBA in 2007.

He’s been an All-Star five times, made an All-NBA team, made an All-Defensive team and has a chance to win his first NBA title this year. This all comes after the big man won back-to-back NCAA championships with Florida in 2006 and 2007.

Horford spent much of his career with the Atlanta Hawks, but has become an important part of the Celtics lineup later in his career. He is now 38 and on the verge of retirement, while still playing at a high level on a championship team.

The 6-9 big comes from an athletic family, some of whom played at the NBA and collegiate levels.

Here’s a look at Horford’s family tree.

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Al Horford’s family tree

Al Horford’s father: Tito Horford

Tito Horford is the most famous member of the Horford family, other than Al of course.

Tito, 7-1, is often seen at Celtics games cheering on his son while rocking Horford’s Celtics green threads.

Tito himself spent time in the NBA, but not as long as his son. The Bucks drafted him 39th overall in the 1988 NBA Draft, and he played just 63 games in three seasons.

Tito played three seasons in France, Venezuela, Italy and Brazil before the Washington Bullets signed him for three games during the 1993-94 season. He no longer played in the NBA.

Like his son, Tito attended college in Florida, but Tito attended the University of Miami instead of the University of Florida.

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Al Horford’s mother: Arelis Reynoso

Al grew up with his mother, Arelis Reynoso, in the Dominican Republic before deciding to move to the United States to pursue his NBA dream.

Reynoso worked in sports journalism and often brought her son along to show him the experience.

“Her work exposed me to many different sports and environments,” Horford told the Boston Globe in 2018. “I felt like it gave me a broad perspective on that area, just being a professional athlete and seeing what it means. So for me, growing up in that environment was really helpful.”

Al followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming an NBA player, but came closer to the sport through his mother.

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Al Horford’s sister: Anna Horford

For the fans who live on ‘NBA Twitter’, you may already know who Anna Horford is. She is not only Al’s sister, but perhaps his biggest fan.

Anna will regularly defend her brother via social media, even bashing teams. There isn’t much standing between her fandom.

The hate is real 👀

But fuck them, let’s go Cs 🔥

— Anna Horford (@AnnaHorford) June 6, 2024

Anna’s X account, formerly Twitter, contains a lot of activism about the conflict in the Middle East. Followers will see a mix of basketball and humanitarian messages.

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Al Horford’s brother: Jon Horford

Jon Horford also played basketball, but never played in the NBA. Jon played five collegiate seasons between Michigan and Florida but went undrafted.

Jon averaged 3.7 points and 3.4 rebounds per game in 138 games in college.

Jon signed a contract with the Milwaukee Bucks in September 2015, but the organization waived him a month later.

Al Horford’s brother: Josh Horford

Josh Horford also played basketball growing up, as did the majority of his family. He played collegiately at Lansing Community College.

Like his sister Anna, you can see Josh cheering for his older brother on X.

Josh, 6-5, averaged 10.5 points and 7.4 rebounds per game on 51.9 percent shooting from the field and 49.2 percent from 3 as a sophomore in 2017-18.

Al Horford’s sister: Maria Horford

Maria Horford is another of Horford’s sisters. She is based in Michigan and has a photography business.

Maria said she quit basketball in high school because too many people expected her to play since she was tall.

Al Horford’s uncle: Kelly Horford

Kelly Horford also played college hoops at Florida.

He played three seasons at Florida Atlantic in the 1990s, averaging 2.1 points and 3.2 rebounds per game. He is Tito’s brother and stands at 6-10.

Al Horford’s brother: Christian Hernandez

The last of Al’s siblings is Christian Hernandez, a half-brother of the Celtics big man. Tito and Arelis separated and Christian was born in 2005.

Christian plays basketball at North Cobb Christian School, a prep school in Georgia.

He is the youngest of the Horford siblings.