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10:10 PM Unpleasant 11:25 PM

Friday June 7

After her father’s disappearance, kickboxing heiress Lara Croft earns money as a bicycle courier and refuses to claim her inheritance, convinced her father is still alive. But when she learns that the estate can be sold unless she claims it, Lara reluctantly agrees – and finds a pre-recorded message from her father with clues to his possible whereabouts. Determined to find him, she sets out across the sea to Hong Kong, but soon crosses paths with a small army of mercenaries determined to break into a supposedly haunted grave. Action-adventure based on the video game, starring Alicia Vikander, Dominic West, Walton Goggins and Kristin Scott Thomas

Tomb Raider airs on 5STAR at 10:10 PM, Friday June 7. (Subtitles, continued.)


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