Google has introduced a new feature for iPhone users, nice for those who use their phones late at night: India TV Hindi

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A powerful new feature is coming to the iPhone.

If you are using iOS i.e. iPhone then there is good news for you. Tech giant Google has released a new useful feature for iPhone users. Google has released the latest dark mode feature for iPhone. Google’s new dark mode feature is not a normal dark mode, but Google has released it with an automatic mode feature.

Actually, Google’s new feature is Auto Dark Mode. This feature only works on iOS devices. In this feature, both the Google website and the app are automatically converted to dark mode. If you want to experience this, you will have to enable dark mode on your phone.

iPhone users get a new experience

Let us tell you that iPhone users are offered the automatic dark mode in the Google app. Once activated, users will get a new experience with a dark theme on all websites. However, for this, users will first have to put their phone in dark mode. To activate this service, users must tap the icon in the top left corner of the Google app.

Let us tell you that this new service from Google will not be active on websites that already offer a dark theme. Google has also issued a warning about this new feature. According to Google, there may be a difference in quality after dark mode is activated. Currently, Google has released this feature for iPhone, but it is expected that it could be released for Android devices soon.

One major benefit that users of this feature from Google will get is that by enabling auto dark mode, battery consumption will also be reduced. In addition to reducing battery consumption, this feature will also be very beneficial for eye health. Thanks to the dark mode, your eyes will not be strained when you use the phone at night.

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